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Contact us! Ask our friendly Concierge about products, custom wrapping, order tracking, or payments by credit card, PayPal, or YouPay.  

Use the form below for general questions, and then click send. Like a question about our signed prints on canvas. Or about payments through credit card and PayPal. Maybe you’d like to ask a question about how to request YouPay or about buy now pay later with PayPal Pay in 4. Contact us because our friendly concierge is here to help. We aim to respond to all genuine enquiries within two business days. But we will not reply to spam mail. Because life is just too short!

Customer support

You will find a lot of information on our website. Like information about our products, beautiful wrapping, and printing of personalised messages, or classic poems. As well as about our different payment options, and how to track orders.

Start by checking our Home page or our Gallery. Then, find product information on our prints on canvas for the Pink rose bloom, Rambling roses, and Crown of rosebuds. Read about our custom wrapping, and printing of personal messages OR printing of a classic Poem. In addition, check payment options for credit card payments through Stripe, PayPal, and GooglePay in our FAQs. And, most importantly, how you can request someone you know to YouPay for your Cart by information in our FAQs as well as in our Privacy policy. After ordering, track delivery of your order by Australia Post though our Delivery and Order Tracking. Plus, find all our policies in Returns Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service. Finally, learn About Us!


Ask our friendly Concierge about YouPay

If YouPay is new to you contact us to ask a question. For instance, you may want to contact us for information on how to request YouPay. Especially when YouPay offers our customers the opportunity to find a gorgeous, signed print on canvas and send a request to someone they know to pay for their order! Find more information in our FAQs or through YouPay. Or ask our friendly Concierge how to request YouPay to receive a gift from the heart your heart desires.


Can’t find what you are looking for?

So if you are thinking I still haven’t found what I’m looking for ♬ ♬ – ask our friendly Concierge for support for your gift from the heart.


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Contact us and ask our friendly Concierge about your Customer Service questions

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Ask our friendly Concierge a question about Refund, Returns and Replacements

Contact us and our Gallery Director for other questions

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Ask our friendly Concierge!
Roomblooms, Crown of Rosebuds
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