Classic poems printed on greeting cards

Every order includes a greeting card featuring the product image. After product selection choose one of four sentiments for the greeting card. LOVE, ADORE, CHERISH, or DESIRE. A personal message or classic poem, from our selection of poems, can be printed on the greeting card. Make selections on the product page before you click Add to cart.

Use the words of a great poet to express you LOVE, ADORE, CHERISH, or DESIRE

Sometimes you cannot seem to find the right words for a personal message. Perhaps a classic poem may be right for you? Beautiful words from a great poet may more easily express the sentiment and emotion you seek for your gift from the heart.


Twelve heartfelt poems to express you LOVE, ADORE, CHERISH, or DESIRE. Something for everyone! Poetry from 570 BC, or 2591 years since the death of Greek poet Sappho, through to 1928, with the passing of literary great Thomas Hardy – 93 years ago.

Choose carefully!

Use the following guide to help you choose a poem. Be mindful we don’t know you or your relationship with the person you are sending this gift from the heart. We know words and meanings may change in different relationships, situations, and cultures. We urge you to choose carefully or choose nothing at all!

Poems for sentiments…

Choices for your wife, girlfriend, partner, friend, or lover. Mother, father, stepparent, grandparent, or caregiver. Daughter, son, sister, or brother. Aunt, uncle, cousin, or godparent. Classic poems from great poets that have stood the test of time…

Classic poems to show your LOVE
A gift from the heart to express LOVE
Classic poems to reveal you ADORE
Poems for the one you ADORE
Classic poems to herald you CHERISH
Poetry for the one you CHERISH
Classic poems to express your DESIRE
Passionate words to express DESIRE

Choose wisely!

Check word definitions in the Oxford English Dictionary. If you are still unsure about the poems, you may prefer to write a personal message to be printed in the greeting card to be sent with your order. 

Easy choices!

If I Adore You, by Rabiʿa al-Basri, Muslim saint and Sufi mystic, expresses words of unconditional love and devotion. Great Things, by Thomas Hardy, is a song about great things in life!

Warning! Poems for DESIRE

Poems of DESIRE are probably not great choices for blood relatives. 

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